The word “solace” means comfort or the easing of any burden or grief.  It holds the root “sol” which means “sun” and also “solo” or singular, alone.  The image represents the times in life when we are comforted by our own company, by being alone and resting in order to regenerate our spirits. As the sun is the center of the solar system, we can remember our own center sometimes more easily when we are alone for a time.

Here the woman is enjoying time in nature, although in close proximity to the comfort of her home.  She has her cat next to her, grounding her in her body and showing her how to relax as only a cat can.  She has books, knitting, some tea, and chocolate to delight and satisfy her.  She has found a way to rest and to put away the cares of the workaday world.

When I painted this image several years ago, I never thought it would be as relevant as it is today in our time of quarantine over the novel corona virus. I like to be alone and thrive on it but I know it is not the natural way for many people who are more extroverted. Still, maybe we can all use this time to be less productive and to just allow ourselves to really rest, indulge our simple pleasures, and soak up some sunshine if we are lucky enough to have it where we live. I did read that sunshine is effective to help heal if you are ill or to prevent illness, as the sun helps the body make vitamin D. I know we all have many concerns now, but maybe we can just take solace in rest for now. Keeping ourselves healthy is a great service to all.

Published by Kate

I am an artist, thinker, writer, and maker of things of all sorts. I live in beautiful rural Vermont where I make things for beauty, necessity, and the betterment of the world.

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