Love is perhaps the single most important quality we experience.  Love is what animates us and makes everything else not only possible but desirable.  When our thoughts and actions spring from love, they are more powerful than anything else.  Conversely, thoughts and actions which exclude love are deemed to fail or fall flat. 

The heart has a mysterious side to it.  Some feel that the heart has its own kind of intuitive brain that speaks a language on the level of vibration.  Even long ago, the French philosopher, Pascal, wrote that “the heart has reason the mind knows not of.”  Tuning into this heart intelligence is how we can know what our greatest good is. It is on this level too where we can meet others and the world with compassion and empathy.

In this image, the heart is lit from within, not for any particular reason or for another person, but simply because the heart is full of love.  A heart that is full of love feels love always and demonstrates love in all directions.  The heart reveals itself to the world.  The curtains of the stage are opened and the heart is humble but fearless because it has love within, which makes all else possible.

Published by Kate

I am an artist, thinker, writer, and maker of things of all sorts. I live in beautiful rural Vermont where I make things for beauty, necessity, and the betterment of the world.

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