We often think that the word “prosperity” means wealth, but actually it means to look forward, or to hope for something in the future. When we look forward we make choices in the present that will benefit us in the future, and we prosper by doing that.  To be a farmer relies on this forward thinking.

In ancient hunter/gatherer societies people lived more in tune with the timing of the hunt, or of nomadic patterns and what one could gather as one moved.  There are times when being willing to act in the moment and pull up stakes immediately is what our situation calls for.  Other times, we need the patience and foresight of agriculture, we need to plan ahead and carefully plot out what we want in order to open a new set of possibilities.

In this image, the land has been carefully tended and plotted; things are planted, are growing, and reaching fruition.  There is great wealth available from so many myriad sources and when we align ourselves with the process of planning what we want, we can be amazed by our great success.

I wrote that about a year ago. Now, in the coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing how important these farming skills are. We are seeing how much more healthy and reliable it is for us to either grow more of our own food or to have local sources that practice sustainable methods. We are being told that unless we go back to the corporate system of supply, even by sacrificing lives to do so, that our economy will be defeated. But, we can also use this time to create another way and cultivate a healthier system that is local and respectful of the earth and all people on it, not just those who are profiting at the expense of others.

Published by Kate

I am an artist, thinker, writer, and maker of things of all sorts. I live in beautiful rural Vermont where I make things for beauty, necessity, and the betterment of the world.

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