Perseverance seems like a dowdy old Victorian word and concept, without much flash or appeal.  To be sure, the idea of just keeping on isn’t as glamorous as the idea of “Joy” or some other kind of delight.

But perseverance is the steady helpmate of anyone who has ever achieved anything in life.  Sometimes just carrying on is the best task we can muster.  But the reward is that we do get to point “B” at some time.  The ability to carry on even when we would really rather not but we know if we do we will get where we want to go is a quality well worth developing.          

I grew up in a mountainous region, so climbing a mountain holds the symbolism of effort towards accomplishment for me.  Many people dream of climbing mountains so perhaps the mountain is a universal symbol of rising above something and finding the higher ground in a situation. 

Sometimes perseverance just means to do something even if you don’t know what to do.  It keeps the energy moving and allows change to come.

During this time of social isolation to slow the spread of the coronavirus, it is easy to become weary of the hassle of wearing a mask and refraining from social life, but we must persevere!

Published by Kate

I am an artist, thinker, writer, and maker of things of all sorts. I live in beautiful rural Vermont where I make things for beauty, necessity, and the betterment of the world.

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