New arrivals: handmade clothing for Spring/Summer 2022

The favorite piece in my collection this season is a very versatile linen coat that works for nearly all occasions. Just by coincidence, right after I had made the first samples of this design, my friend Tom Sibley posted some wonderful pictures from his family archives featuring very similar coats donned by his ancestors. I don’t know all the nuances of the Sibley family history, but one of them was an early developer of the telegraph, another a famous bird watcher, and Tom himself is a sculptor/mad scientist of sorts. Somehow, all these personas would look equally at home in what I now call “The Sibley Coat”. It is perhaps what city people would wear to the country, or country people to the city– part barn jacket, part lab coat, part Bogart-style trench– this one garment does it all. Choose from middle to heavy weight linens from the fabric choices here. I have several made and ready to ship in a variety of fabrics in the shop now or order one to your specifications. Pocket flaps can be added, or extra pockets, belt and belt loops, or a slit in back. Also available for men with buttons closing from the left rather than right, or double breasted. Email for help with these options.

Sibley family archives
Sibley family archives

I have several new dress designs this season, too. Choose a middle weight linen for any of these designs, and several of the samples are still available in the shop.

I have several new blouses for the season as well as the classic designs that are my basic issues. Coming soon are unisex and men’s shirts.

Please take a look at all the clothing offerings in the shop here. Many items are ready to ship, some samples are sold out but you can order the same designs in your choice of fabric and exact specifications. Email with any questions or for assistance.

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