I sell a wide range of gifts made from my art such as cards, plaques, and books. Also, I can design any of these things for you, as a bespoke product to offer at your hotel, office, store, or as your gifts to a group. I delight in making beautiful, well-crafted, clever, earth-loving products that are pleasurable to wear, look at, use, adore, or share.

I design and sew clothing. I learned this skill over a lifetime of various sewing adventures, starting as a child and finally as a production seamstress for a high-end clothing designer. Now, I make what is comfortable to me, which seems to be a lot of linen, silk, wool. Take a look at my shop to see. I can do custom work within the range of my general work, so not sewing heavy things like parkas or leather coats. Basically, I can adjust the patterns I have, but don’t want to make new ones not similar to what is shown. I use only natural fabric. Call or email to discuss what you need.

I sew bags, pillows, and many craft and housewares. I knit and crochet. I teach these skills to others. Please see the News section for current classes or contact for more information.

I used to make large sculptures (see Archives page) but haven’t in many years because it wasn’t practical for my life. I really want to return to it, as well as other fine art practices such as painting, theater design, and performance. Now that my child is grown, I plan to do just that, along with writing, making, farming, and knitting, of course.

I am a calligrapher with my own fairly distinct style. I do not know nor practice traditional calligraphy, but I grew up in Catholic school and penmanship became a specialty. I make fine wedding items, stationary, booklets, and a range of related items. Please visit my showroom for full selection.

I am a sign painter, muralist, illustrator, designer of all sorts. If you like my style, let’s make something for your home, business, or event, or stop in to purchase something you won’t find anywhere else.

Oh, and I cook– cookies, tarts, quiches, Mexican food– come get something healthy so you won’t have to cook. Take out only. I will send out notification around the area when I have this going, soon!

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